Nupec Feline Kitten 1.5kg

Nupec Feline Kitten 1.5kg

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The first months of kittens' lives are key to determining their quality of life as adults. For this reason, NUPEC ™ has formulated specialized nutrition that ensures optimal cognitive, immune, bone and muscle development.

This delicious food will provide great benefits to our cats such as:

DHA & FOLIC ACID. Necessary for brain health, nerve cellular growth and contribute to cognitive learning.

TAURINE. That contributes to ocular growth enhancing vision from early stages.

HIGH PALATABILITY. Micro kibble designed for developing teeth, good flavor and crunchy texture for excellent acceptance. 

OMEGA 3 & 6. To promote a shiny coat and healthy skin.

PREBIOTICS (MOS & FOS). To strengthen the digestive system.

VITAMINS, MINERALS & ANTIOXIDANTS. To boost the immune system.

CALCIUM PHOSPHORUS AND VITAMIN D. Essential for bone growth.

Select ingredients with human-grade quality such as chicken protein of high biological value that provides essential amino acids for a highly digestible protein, salmon protein that concentrates large amounts of essential fatty acids and select rice that provides the energy necessary for optimal growth.

Ingredientes. Harina de carne de pollo, arroz cervecero, grasa de pollo, maíz, pulpa de remolacha, harina de pescado, aceite de pescado, sabor natural de pollo, extracto de raíz de achicoria, fructooligosacáridos, cloruro de potasio, cloruro de colina, betaglucanos y mananooligosacaridos (derivado de la pared celular de saccharomyces cerevisiae 1x1010 UFC/g), taurina, acetato de retinol (fuente de vitamina A), colecalciferol (fuente de vitamina D), acetato de DL-alpha-tocoferol (fuente de vitamina E), menadiona nicotinamida bisulfato (fuente de vitamina K), ácido ascórbico (fuente de vitamina C), mononitrato de tiamina (fuente de vitamina B1), riboflavina (fuente de vitamina B2), ácido nicotínico (fuente de vitamina B3), clorhidrato de piridoxina (fuente de vitamina B6), cianocobalamina (fuente de vitamina B12), D-biotina (fuente de vitamina H), D-pantotenato de calcio (fuente de vitamina B5), ácido fólico, oligoelementos (proteinato de zinc, proteinato de manganeso, proteinato de cobre, EDDI, glicinato de hierro, selenito de sodio), extracto de Yucca schidigera, mezcla de tocoferoles y extracto de romero como conservadores.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min): 35.0%
Crude Fat (Min): 18.0%
Crude Fiber (Max): 3.0%
Moisture (Max): 10.0%
Ash (Max): 7.0%
NFE: 27.0%