Vetriderm Essec Dry (Dry Foam)

Vetriderm Essec Dry (Dry Foam)

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Essec dry foam is an ideal product for the care and cleaning of dogs and cats when for certain reasons water cannot be used for a normal bath. It is also recommended for use in pets afraid of water or who have undergone surgery and they can't get wet.


Essec dry foam shampoo dissolves dirt from the hair and skin completely, without affecting the protective liposomal layer of the skin, providing care and conditioning of the coat.

It does not contain insecticides, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories or disinfectants.

Trianolamine lauryl sulfate 3.20%, Coconut fatty acid monoethanolanine 0.72%

Shake the bottle vigorously before use.
Apply the foam in the opposite direction of hair growth and distribute it with both hands, rub the product evenly over the hair layer.
With a dry, clean towel, remove excess product (for extremely dirty animals, use a semi-damp towel).
Finally, brush the animal's hair.